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Title: Last Goodbye
Series: Final Fantasy X
Pairing: Braska + Auron
Rating: G
Warnings: N/A
Written: ???
Summary: Braska leaves Auron his final farewell.
A/N: This is actually one of my favorites.

Auron, my dear friend... the first thing I wish to say to you is: Forgive me.

I understand your feelings now. In these final moments as we wait to confront Sin and my own mortality, I can feel Jecht's spirit connected to mine through the fragile bond of fayth and summoner. If I close my eyes, I think that I can see that bond, like golden threads connecting us as never before. I know you were never very fond of Jecht, and I know you accepted him in the end. I ask now, just as you accepted Jecht for who he is, accept me for who I am. I know now, as you are watching this, that I am gone. I just want you to understand that this choice was the only choice I knew how to make. It disappointed you, I know—everyone always thought I could weather any storm, that I was braver than anything, fearless as Sin even. But that's not true. I wouldn't know how to go against the teachings if I tried. I cannot tear myself away from the things I was raised to believe in. Even if I was branded an outcast for marrying Jinna, you and I both know that being a summoner was what mattered most to me.

Please, don't make that face. I know you so well I can picture clearly the expression you are wearing now. So handsome... Did I ever... tell you... how handsome you are? I can't remember. I suppose it's too little too late now. But there are many things I wish to get off my chest while I still have the chance.

The day that I met you was full of such turmoil. I was fighting Bevelle Temple, trying to gain the right to learn the summoner arts. Yuna was only a baby, about five months old. It was that day when I learned my wife had passed away at sea. So many things were tearing me apart inside, I feared I would never have the strength to fulfill my one dream—to end the suffering of all the people of Spira. I was sitting outside the temple and you came out. I'm sure you remember. You sat down just a step above me and you said, "Yevon grows stricter and stricter by the day." I looked up at you, this handsome young warrior monk with sleek black hair, and I said, "Yes, it does." And then you said something that caught me by such surprise. You said you were sorry about my wife. I had no idea I was so notorious, or that there was a Yevonite willing to forgive a heretic that marries an Al Bhed. You... you were the first person who showed faith in me. You were one of the very few people who believed in me at all. I cherished your faith and your friendship so much, maybe even more than you will ever know. And when we crossed that thin, perilous line from friends to lovers, I was never afraid. I was confident that things would remain the same, that you would always guard me and protect me to the very end. You have never failed me, Auron. Never.

Maybe you feel that I have failed you. Maybe you feel... that I have abandoned you. I gave up the little things that made my life precious—lYuna and you—to save the world. If I am successful, I will be called a hero. People will call you a hero. I know neither of us care about that. I just want to make the world safer, safer for my daughter... and for you. "I can take care of myself, Braska," I can hear you saying. Well, yes, I know. But forgive me if I cannot help but want to guard and protect you, too. You have cared for me more than I ever thought you would. I want, and will, do the same.

It's funny... I'm not afraid to die. The only thing that worries me is what will happen to you, what will happen to Yuna? I know Jecht asked you to look after his son, if you could. Well, I would like to ask you to look after my Yuna, if it's possible. Remember Besaid? I want her to go there, far away from the high politics and courtly life in Bevelle. I want her to grow up humble, not spoiled, and definitely not in her father's shadow. She needs sunlight to grow. The darkness of my passing, even with the light it shall bring, must not be left to linger in her heart. Please do this for me, Auron. I need to make sure my little girl is taken care of.

And as for you, please take care of yourself as well. Please do not do anything foolish. You, and Jecht, have brought my life more joy than it has ever seen. In your arms... I was always safe. Nothing could touch me but you. I loved my wife very much, maybe there was someone else in your life you loved like that too, but I cannot deny that you... have had... a very profound effect on me.

Don't look back. Move past the pain, and maybe someday you will find the way to stop it for good. Maybe someday you will be the one to end Spira's suffering forever.

I have faith in you. I believe in you. I will always care for you.

I wish... that I could touch your face as I say these words, but time grows short. Forgive me, Auron. Forgive me.


The sphere switched off, Braska's image fading, but forever burned into Auron's mind. He sat with the heel of his palms pressed to his forehead, head bowed as warm tears rolled down his cheeks.


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