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Since I love this meme and it's good for kick starting my heart my writing muse. I did this meme once before using D.Gray-man. I would like to do this meme for Persona 3 eventually.

Warning: There is a plethora of spoilers here.

1. Pick a fandom.
2. Put your music player on random.
3. Write a drabble for the first ten songs that come on. You have the length of the song to write, no going over, no matter how it might sound.
4. ???
5. Profit!

Note: Plus marks (+) do not necessarily indicate pairings. That can be left up to the reader's interpretation.

1. Break [pre-Abyss]
2. Break/Gil
3. Will of the Abyss+Alice
4. Glen/Jack
5. Glen/Jack
6. Oz+drunk!Everyone
7. Break/Gil
8. Oz+Mother Bezarius
9. Vincent+Alice
10. Oz/Alice

1. Crimson Ghost - The Misfits
You're never gonna get me, I'm the Crimson Ghost
Break [pre-Abyss]

It was his determination to get back what he had lost that gave him confidence, it was his confidence that gave him power. Shadows all around him, eyes piercing that gloom, stoic and bloody as he killed and killed again.

2. Still Cold - Mazzy Star
Still cold like the stars, that's just the way you are

Gilbert hated himself for many things. He hated his weakness and his failures, even though it was those failures that made him stronger, and Break was always there to remind him in the most demeaning way. Gil didn't know that was Break's intention at the time; he saw Break as a cold bastard, no matter his jovial attitude. No matter how Break took advantage of him and proved that his skin wasn't as cold as Gil believed his person to be, it was these touches that made him more and more bitter, until there were no more touches.

3. Reine la Belle - Faith and the Muse
Is that wrong of me, to escape these surroundings?
Will of the Abyss+Alice

Escapism was all she had. Daydreams and dolls, love and hate. She loved those green eyes. She hated that red eye. She burrowed and laughed in the arms of a man who loved her. She smirked and mocked the child who was destined for destruction. Until it all became so twisted inside her head, so snow white in the mirror, so bloody and lifeless, there was nothing left but to escape, to escape the daydreams and the dolls, to escape the memories of the one she loved most, to run from her distorted reality.

4. A Case of You - Joni Mitchell
You're in my blood like holy wine, you taste so bitter, bitter and so sweet

It was ending, of that Jack was certain. He wondered if it had ever started, if maybe all he'd held so dear with Glen had all been in his head, and all the reciprocation was just a fabrication. He tried so hard to make Glen happy. He tried so hard to give him what he needed. He tried so hard for him. He knew, even if Glen's feelings had all been his own delusion, that he was still a part of him; no matter the outcome of this tragedy, Glen would always be a part of him, as necessary as the heart that beat in his chest.

5. This Mess We're In - PJ Harvey ft. Thom Yorke
Night and day I dream of making love to you now, baby... sweat on my skin, oh this mess we're in

When they made love it didn't matter. It didn't matter that Glen was changing, was strange. Even when he was rough and didn't seem to care for Jack's feelings at all, it didn't matter. As long as skin was on skin, as long as there was sweat and steamy breath, as long as they were connected by the flesh and the pleasure, the distance of the heart didn't matter. In those moments they were connected, as connected as they would ever be, and that was all Jack wanted, to be connected to Glen--somehow, anyway--to be connected to someone.

6. Not Dying Today - Tori Amos
Plug my piece in boys then we can drink the wine... music, good friends, I'm not dyin' today

Somedays Oz forgot everything, absorbed in the joy of those around him. Even if they all had their reasons and excuses, even if they all had their personal demons hanging on their backs breathing fire down their throats, in these moments it was all forgotten. Sharon was asking them to get on their knees and lick her shoes and grovel like pigs in mud. Break was teasing a red-faced Liam, too close and cooing softly against his ear. Alice was arguing with Gil about who was stupider, the two turning to Oz in unison and demanding he decide. Oz just smiled, told them they were equally stupid, and laughed as Alice kicked him and Gil burst into anxious tears.

7. I Love Rock n' Roll - Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
And next we were movin' on, and he was with me, yeah me

Break grabbed Gil's arm with one hand and wrapped an arm around his waist. Gil's struggles were weak, having been worked up by his brother earlier until Vincent had been urgently called out for business. Just a ploy by Break to get Gil alone and unable to resist the kisses on his throat, the teeth dragging across skin.

8. Momma Sed - Puscifer
Changes come, keep your dignity, take the high road, take it like a man
Oz+Mother Vessalius

Sometimes Oz fantasized about what it would be like to have a mother. A caring mother, who didn't neglect him, who didn't despise him, who was so happy he had been born. She would cuddle him close, smelling sweet, pull him into her warm bosom and rock him in her arms. She would call him her precious son and she would tell him stories and sing him songs. She would tell him to grow into a fine man, she would tell him not to let the bitter words of others touch his heart, she would tell him to always be a kind, gentle boy.

But his mother was not warm and did not smell sweet, because she was dead and in the ground.

9. More Human Than Human - White Zombie
Scratch off the broken skin, tear into my heart make me do it again

Vincent was aware that he was broken, but he could not pinpoint the exact moment he broke. Had it been on the street, knowing he was a burden to his brother? Had it been Alice's constant goading, Gil's angry face, her laughter when she said Gil was going to die? Had the moment come when he picked up that cat, writhing and scratching and yowling as he gouged out its ugly eyes, scissors piercing its brain and putting it out of its misery? Alice's screams when he'd dropped the cat at her feet had been the most beautiful sound he'd ever heard, next to the calling of his brother's voice.

10. You - VAST
Oh, you can't take anything with you except the love that I have for you, I know you want to

Even if Oz had known the reason why he cared so much for Alice, it would still be unfathomable. More and more, with everything she did, with every touch and every tear and every outburst, he grew to love her more. Never would he let any harm come to her, never would he let her linger in her sadness, never would he let her be alone. Never again. He admitted this aloud, much to his own surprise, much to her surprise, so that they stared at each other wide-eyed and pink-cheeked. She muttered he was a stupid servant and looked away, biting her lower lip. He laughed and said he knew that, cupping her hot cheek, gazing fondly into her violet eyes--not quite human--as she looked up at him again. And when he kissed her, it was unlike the first, there was no copper blood, no force of power. Just love. Pure and simple love.


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Dec. 8th, 2009 04:06 am (UTC)
Oops, sorry, don't know where to place this comment because all my usual spots aren't there:
Caught one of your KHR! fics on a rec list and fell in love. :) Would love to be able to read the member-locked fics, if that's all right? :D
Dec. 8th, 2009 04:28 am (UTC)
You don't have to ask, just join up and I'll approve you. ^^
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